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A must for any balloon professional or venue, this controller ensures a safe positive balloon explosion everytime.


Control units add professionalism to your exploding balloon display. The days of giving your customers a battery and hoping for the best are finally over! The controllers work in conjunction with electric detonator caps available either from us or from most balloon wholesalers. Simply fit the wires from your balloon detonator cap into the spring clips on the back of the unit, turn the master switch on, then press the button when you want the balloon to explode.
You have a choice of two types of detonator controller, key operated or switch operated.


On the key operated unit the controller has a key-switch system for added security, so that the balloons can't be detonated by mistake. It comes complete with two keys, full instructions, and a test light.


The switch operated unit is ideal for DJ's, hotels, events companies etc, where the same person uses the detonator box regularly. It is turned on by a simple switch instead of a key. As with the key operated unit, it comes complete with full instructions, and a test light.

The controllers measure 10cm x 9.5cm x 6cm, and weigh 195 grams including battery (not supplied), and so can easily and cheaply be posted back to you by your clients after use.

Detonator Controller for Balloons

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